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Casey Gilbert

 I'm in a self-described Bardic Metal band. We perform in (totally historically inaccurate but fun) costumes including kilts, pelts, bracers, and the like. When I saw the Armored Bard guitar strap I knew it was absolutely perfect and we ordered for myself and the other guitarist right away. The quality is great, service was phenomenal and shipping was fast.

Thanks for everything!


Carlos A.

I contacted Colin about having a specific Shaman Rune Cuff made ... not only was he extremely friendly, enthusiastic & gracious, the man knocked that cuff out of the park with a super fast turnaround. Having seen the excellent quality of his craftsmanship 1st hand already I can say with no reservation that if you're thinking on having something made, do not hesitate, you will love the end result. Thank you again Colin and Knotted Bone Leatherworks. \m/


Heather B.

I purchased a leather hair pin from the Knotted Bone retail store in Norwalk last week, and I absolutely love it. It holds up my hair securely and it matches my ren faire garb perfectly. I can't wait to wear it this weekend when I go to the faire. Danielle and Colin were both super friendly and helpful when I visited the store, and I'll definitely be going back again. You can really tell that they put excellence and love into their craft and that they care about their customers


Sigþór Freyr Þórsson

I'm beginner in this modern viking culture. But I'm very happy that I found these guys. Hige quality products and service in every way. Already bought me a belt and arm braces that I love. And I will definitely be buying more from them in the future.
Looking forward to see you here in the next viking festival in Iceland. Thanks again! Skál!


Mikey  T:

Wanted to thank Knotted Bone for the personalized wallet Colin made for me. It was of very high quality leather and craftsmanship and shipped out in only a couple of days. Thank you Colin & Knotted Bone, I will be a repeat customer.


Angela Devin:

 I commissioned a personalized leather satchel in early 2017 and Colin did an *INCREDIBLE* job fulfilling it! 

The materials used were high quality, the craftsmanship is gorgeous, and the design is artful. I truly appreciated how Colin took into account my preference for design, style, and colors, yet he definitely put his own touch/ spin on the piece. He was very communicative, and full of great ideas.

The satchel came out perfectly, and I am more than happy with my purchase. 

I also purchased a leather cuff from Colin, which I wear often and LOVE.

I look forward to doing more business with Knotted Bone!


Kevin Harrigan:

Shipping was fast and when I received it, it was exactly what I ordered and wanted. The fit was just as described, which is absolutely great. Definitely worth every penny.